Fayol Principle Applied in Burger King Essay

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DIVISION OF LABOUR: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRi0ujKPfourrnoYmeOYAMvBlxgTj0gnMy4V5uwiuTFAXHbYybB APPLY: I have chosen "burger king" restraunt as my project. It "taste better with the king" is the tag line of burger king. Burger king is a restraunt based on a very nice concept of division of labour. It has a labour chart according to which positions are assigned to each and every employee according to their capabilities. Those workers who are good at customer service are assigned as front staff and those who are good in making burgers and preparation are assigned in kitchen, fry station and broiler station.. This helps to enhance their skills at particular work. This essay is an example of a student's work Disclaimer…show more content…
Changing the sanitizers after every two hours, washing hands after every hour, update fries time, this all comes in discipline how employees fulfil all these responsibilities. Punctuality matters a lot at burger king and while serving the customer the employee must be very polite and kind to them. UNITY OF COMMAND: unity of command principle says that an employee must get orders from only one superior at a time. There should not be multiple bosses otherwise the workers will be in confusion and that results delay of work. APPLY: According to my research, I have learnt that this principles is not equally applied at burger king because if theres more than one manager then the team members are getting commands from both of them but not at the same time. UNITY OF DIRECTION: Fayol says "One head and one plan" APPLY:Burger king is a food restraunt which aims to serve the customer at its best. Like unity of command, this principle is more applicable in big enterprises. The front staff which takes order are directed by one manager who runs their order and he’s the only one who gives .instruction to the team members. SUBORDINATION OF INDIVIDUAL INTEREST TO GENERAL INTEREST: the interest of an organisation comes first. Sometimes employees get lazy, careless or they start ignoring the work but they should not overlook the interest of an organisation. This attitudes in the long run can be very bad for an organisation. APPLY:. The

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