Fayol and Mintzberg

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Since Fayol left his general manager office, separated management from business operation and studied it, management has become an independent subject. A number of academics and entrepreneurs are desirous to find what management is and how to be a successful manager. Therefore, through varied approaches, many different views about management has been appearing such as Fayol’s function theory (1949) which based on his owe managing experience and Mintzberg’s 10 roles theory (1973) which came from observing five chief-executive officers. Furthermore, Mintzberg regarded Fayol’s theory as “folklore”. It seems that Fayol’s theory has been made redundant by Mintzberg’s study. The purpose of this paper, however, is to present that
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He assumes that everyone will comply with what their boss told them, which seems that he treate human as machines and neglect their mentality, material needs and many other complicated requirements. These are some of his theory’s disadvantages.

Similarly, Mintzberg’s view also has some weaknesses. He defines management as what managers actually do and summarized 10 roles theory (Mintzberg, 1973). However, it is not certified what managers actually do is what managers should do. The aim of management studying is to find the best way to manage and organise organizations. In Mintzberg’s study (1973), his research object is five American chief-executive officers. These managers may have very successful career and good reputation, but it does not mean their behaviours of managing businesses are the best; maybe there are any other methods which can reach higher achievement. In addition, it is also not certified that what CEOs do is same as what managers do. There are three different levels of managers in organizations: top-level managers such as CEO, middle-level managers and first-level managers. They are all responsible for different areas, which means their roles should not be identical. Therefore, these make Mintzberg’s administrative theory not perfect.

Not explicit is also one of the disadvantages of Mintzberg’s theory. First of all, Mintzberg’s ten roles theory is not clearly. Sometimes two roles can mean the same thing. For example, it is a
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