Fayol 's Theory Of Classical Theorists

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Throughout this essay I will be looking at the management structure Henry Fayol had discovered from his research and how it is still present today and how it has affected our perspective on how we believe managers operate. Moreover, I will analyse Fayol’s work and look at what other theorists such as Mintzberg have said concerning what effective management is. Also I will look at the Human Relations theorists and see how they play an important role in management and how they differ from the theory of classical theorists. Taking this into account I will then give my views on what I think is important to managing effectively and what I believe is true management and compromise all the information to help me conduct my
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he has set his goals and knows how to get there but what he doesn’t explain how to deal with objects which come in your way and disrupt your plan and distract you from reaching your objective.
What others have to say
Mintzberg as mentioned earlier is one of the critiques of Fayol’s work as he has conducted his own research which gave him a different analogy to that of Fayol’s. Not only did he conduct his own research but he looked at materials from other researchers in terms of management and used a variety of managers with masses of difference between them, ranging from CEO’s to street gang leaders. He revealed that managers indeed find it hard to do that of what the classical theorists say as they have many different duties and disruptions throughout the day which leads me to asking how is a manager supposed to plan for the future when he is unaware of what the future holds?
If we then take into consideration what Mintzberg has said, he does not outline a successful manager either as he only describes what he saw and what a managers daily routine consists of but even then it is hard to tell whether his research was fair or not as there could have been factors such as the timings in which the information was recorded or it could have been that the information he used from other researchers were not accurate. So going further how do we know anything Mintzberg is correct and reliable? As he
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