Fayol’s Five Principles of Management

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Dated back in 1984, Henri Fayol a French mining engineer developed and proposed fourteen principles for management and at the same time come up with five main elements of management. Planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding and controlling were Fayol’s version. As time goes by and generation changes, these five elements of management had been modified and reduced to four, which is plan, lead, organized and control. Fells (2000) claim that Fayol’s theory of management is appropriate and relevant for management nowadays. However, there are still other individual disagree with his theory and thought it is no longer relevant to the society nowadays. However, Foyal’s process of management idea had been the main basic structure of…show more content…
In this new era, CSRG play a major role in management nowadays. (Moratis 2006). Are Fayol’s five elements of management able to “stand against the time”? (Fells 2000). Fayol’s five element of management had been proven as a framework or guidelines to students and practitioners in order to develop “good” habits of organizing, planning and making decision enable to allocate resources efficiently and effectively. Fayol’s five elements of management help people to unify “good” ethics habits into management practice. (Dyck 2001). In conclusion, management does not applied to management in an organization or just a manager’s skills but it applied to our daily life as well. Fayol’s five elements had proven to be relevant in this new era and had “Stood against the time”. (Fells 2000). Management is all about how people manage a specific problem or situation and came up with decision that able to shows efficiency and effectiveness on that specific situation at the same time. It does not need a person from Harvard or a PHD holder to manage an organization well. The key to be a successful manager was actually a character and personality that able to plan for the organization, organize the plan, coordinating with the employees, command the work force to face tasks as well as meeting deadlines and control the entire work force enable to increase
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