Fbi Agent Research Paper

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F.B.I agents actually make a lot of money. They make about “28.97 per hour or about 60,270 a year” ( This amount may increase if you wish to go higher up and be a special agent. This amount is pretty good, due to the fact that it is enough to make a nice working home possible. It also means that the money spent on college will be easy to repay. Plus the salary for an F.B.I agent is actually “higher than average” (BLS.Gov). Which means that this career must be doing well if it can afford to pay these workers that much. Again this would leave money for a steady home and even a little for luxuries. F.B.I jobs are also “expected to grow in demand” ( So this will mean even more people will be wanted for this job, which means…show more content…
Well their job description is all over the place considering the different branches and fields there are. For example there is the regular FBI agent then there’s the fact that you can be in fa special agency. Plus three are a lot of different agencies. Some of the things they do in these agencies include, “finger printing, lab services, public affairs, or manage”( All of these different jobs are completely different considering that one day you would have to talk to a lot of people, and tell people what to do, and in the other you would have to sit behind a desk and never come in contact with anyone. This means that you would have to be flexible, and be lenient as to what you do on a daily bases. Another thing the fbi does is “detect and disrupt terrorist sleeper calls” ( This is another example of the diversity in the job. This also shows how important you are to the u.s , and how you will be put under pressure in your job. So if you don’t like being put in tough situations and being put under pressure, then this is probably not a suitable job for you. Another thing the FBI does is “work with lots of cyber-crime” ( This means that you’re going to need to be able to work , and properly work a computer . You would also need to have a liking to them considering they will be used all the time in the agency. Again if this is a problem then this job probably isn’t for
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