Fbi 's Uniform Crime Report

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“Surprise, AZ (November 1, 2012) The City of Surprise had the second-lowest rate of property crime and violent crime in 2011 among the largest cities in Maricopa County, based on the city’s analysis of the latest FBI statistics” (Arthur, n.d.). Could social economic play a role in Surprise, Arizona’s low violent and property crime rate? Or could it be sufficient guardians set in place formal (police, security guards, etc.) and/or informal (neighbor, friends and others, etc.)? “According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2011 as analyzed the Surprise Police Department, Surprise recorded 1.09 violent crimes and 21.79 property crimes per 1,000 residents last year” (Arthur, n.d.).
However, according to that same report from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2011, the violent crime in Phoenix, AZ is at 5.51 and the property crime rate is at 43.98, that is a drastic difference. First of all, population is a key factor why crime is more prevalent in the Phoenix area. Given that, “Surprise is 160 % less densely populated than Phoenix” (Sperling, (2016). Another key point is marriage, the family structure that gives stability to children. “People are 19% more likely to be married in Surprise” (Sperling, (2016). Having a mother and father in the home is very influential for juveniles (potential offenders).
As a matter of fact, juveniles rebel when parents divorce. Psychologist have been studying the break-up of the family and single parents, especially in the cases of single…
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