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FIRST CLASS TRADING CO Question 1: Using G-STIC framework identify goals, strategy (target market(s) and value proposition), 5Cs+3Vs, and tactics for the First Class Trading (FCT). Goal The goal of First Class Trading Corporation is to compete in the school supply market and simplify the process of purchasing school supplies and provide parents and students with easy access to quality supplies. As demonstrated in the case, FCT had hard goals of capturing at least 5% market share of Quebec private elementary schools by 2008. The company also wanted to maintain its marketing expenses at around 5% of sales and wanted sales outside of Montreal to represent 15% of total sales in 2009. Other goals included reaching a breakeven point by…show more content…
FTC serves as an intermediary between the suppliers of school supplies and the private schools. b) Private Schools: FCT collaborates with private schools to supply the apt school supplies to students as decided by the teachers and parents committees. Competitors The competitors that carry identical products to the ones that are included within the backpack are Bureau en Gros, Walmart, Jean Coutu, Pharmaprix, big box & discount stores, small and medium sized independent retailers, and in-school bookstores. S.No Functionalities Competitors Pros and Cons of services offered 1 Retails and Other big stores Bureau en Gros and Walmart Low and competitive prices Multiple stores Convenient Customized supplies may not be available Waste of time searching for the appropriate content 2 Drug Stores Jean Cotou and Pharmaprix Operates 24 hrs a day Limited range of supplies 3 Small and mid-sized retailers Offer pre-packaged supplies Higher prices 4 In School Bookstores Convenience for both students and parents. Higher prices Context The context in which First Class Trading Co. operates is in the $125 million K-12 education system in Quebec, which thrives during the back-to-school season. The company is directly influenced by the private schools
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