Fdi ( Foreign Direct Investment )

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Chapter Two – Literature review
2.1 The overview of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)
FDI is where the MNE invests directly in production or other facilities over which it has effective control in a host economy (j &t). According to Pollan (), the definition of the terms “investment” is highly significant to Foreign Direct Investment, which can be typical comprehend as the conveyance of capital to a country. Investment can be defined as money committed or property acquired in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, future income or appreciation in value (business dictionary, 2014). The commonest definition used to understand the idea of FDI is the definition provided by International Monetary Fund’s (IMF). The IMF definition of FDI introduces systems and structures which clearly demarcates foreign direct investment from portfolio investment. According to the IMF, direct investment creates a lasting interest in an enterprise, consisting of a long-term relationship between the investor and the enterprise and that the investor has an outstanding amount of control on the management of the enterprise, while portfolio investment does not create an extended relationship and the portfolio investor is rarely directly partaking in the day-to-day management of the enterprise (Pollan,). FDI however has no comprehensive, authoritative and ubiquitous legal definition and the test for the existence of enough degree of control differs in scope depending on applicable law in a
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