Fdi : Integrating India With The World Essay

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FDI – Integrating India with the World Involving a plethora of investor classes, foreign investment can take multiple forms. An overseas investor can buy directly into a company involved in manufacturing, infrastructure development, banking, insurance, retail, etc.  Projecting an Investor-friendly Image of India  Trade Exclusive Clubs are the Way Forward  Ease of Doing Business in India  FDI – Foreign Investor Perspective  Unlocking the True Potential of Indian Markets India’s Economic Initiatives: A Magnet for Investments  Make in India remains the flagship initiative; all other development programs seek to complement it.  Each new program addresses specific electoral campaign promises, and is followed by a promotional-blitz wherein catchy slogans highlight fundamental aims.  Make in India, Digital India, Smart Cities, Skill India, Housing for All and Start Up India are the government’s top priority economic projects. They collectively envision India as a high-functioning economy focused on industry, innovation and entrepreneurship; the promotion of investor confidence; job creation; the development of infrastructure; and achieving total digital connectivity. Digital India To Create 5-Crore Jobs By 2020  Digital India mission is expected to create over five crore jobs in various sectors. The project will also facilitate Training to around 1 crore students for IT sector by 2020 - opening new windows of opportunities for professionals with a host of careers and

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