Fdi Of Digital Indi An Initiative Of Government Of India Essay

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Dr. Shobha Edward,M.C.S.,M.Phil.,P.G.D.P.M.&L.L.,P.G.D.C.S.M.,D.L.T.,Ph.D.,
Associate Professor, Principal i/c & Head of the Department of Corporate Secretaryship, K.C.S.Kasi Nadar College of Arts & Science.
Email: shobhaedward@gmail.com

Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. Digital India mission is expected to create over five crore jobs in various sectors. The project will also facilitate Training to around 1 crore students for IT sector by 2020 - opening new windows of opportunities for professionals with a host of careers and jobs. The new FDI norms will drive jobs in the country, especially in the IT sector. India has already seen an increased FDI inflows at USD 55.46 billion in financial year 2015-16, as against USD 36.04 billion in 2013-14. This is the highest ever FDI inflow for a particular financial year, and according to the report. The objective of the study is to explore the “Digital India” initiative to drive technology sector in India, identify the evidences of FDI in Digital India, trace the digital demographics and the impact of Digital India by 2019 and suggest priority measures for improving India’s investment climate. India is set to become a nation of job creators rather than job seekers. International corporations with a presence in India are far more optimistic about

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