Fdr : Champion Of Freedom

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Rali Mendoza
Mr. Nelson
AP U.S. , Period 2
August 19, 2014

FDR: Champion of Freedom

Conrad Black narrates the story of the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt with an obvious affection for his subject. Black’s portrait shows Roosevelt as a supercilious, facile young man who stretches the truth often to the breaking point. Based on the life, domestic and foreign policies, presidency, and overall influence of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Black believes Roosevelt to be one, if not the greatest Chief Executive in American history. Roosevelt’s many accomplishments as President of the United States ensure his place in American history. He transformed the American nation into the modern welfare state known today, enabling the United States to better care for its citizens. Roosevelt led American opinion from profound isolationism to an acceptance of and support for the eventual entry of the United States into the Second World War. As a war leader, Roosevelt made sound strategic choices; these decisions for men to run the machinery of war were excellent. Roosevelt communicated effectively with Allied leaders, especially Churchill and Stalin (the Big Three), maintaining the confidence of the forces under his command. Thus, the morale was high for the American public at large. Even after his death, Roosevelt created the circumstances that enabled succeeding Presidents to complete the allied victory in the Second World War. Roosevelt mastered the American political system as no
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