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FDR and Leadership Alvernia University Kenneth Stenger October 13th, 2014 Whether or not you agreed with his policies Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a very effective leader. When he became president the country was in the worst economic turmoil it has ever seen. Couple that with his diagnosis of polio he received at the age of 39 that left him handicapped and leading the country when we were fighting the greatest war that has ever been fought you can see that this wasn’t a president that had the luxury of leading while the country was at peace. He had arguably one of the toughest presidencies, a presidency that required strong leadership and determination in order for the country to become successful. When FDR was first elected president in 1932 many people many people speculate that he he won so much of the vote due to the fact that everyone was voting against the extremely unpopular Herbert Hoover rather then voting for him. Before he died in 1945 he served longer then anyother president before or since and led the united states through the two biggest challenges in the 20th century. Both historians and political scientists give credit to FDRs high poll ratings to his extremely effective communications skills. His charisma enabled him to connect with a large amount of the American people. It was said his voice made him one of the most powerful speakers of the twentieth century. His voice coupled with the radio he was able to project his message to millions of
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