Fdr-Vietnam War

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1. Alfred Smith was attacked/smeared in the 1928 election because of religious differences (Catholic) and the prosperity of the ‘20s the Republicans took credit of. 2. Stock prices first began to decline in 1929 because less people bought stocks and there was overproduction. 3. Before FDR, when a bank failed, bank depositors were forced to close due to bankruptcy. 4. Economist believed the main reason for the Great Depression was overproduction, low wages, and high tariffs. 5. FDR’s first goal in fighting the Great Depression was to get people working again. 6. FDR’s method of trying to regulate the stock market was the Securities Act that required companies that sold stocks to provide full information for investors.…show more content…
37. MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the march on Washington DC was outlining his dreams of freedom and equality for all Americans. 38. MLK selected Selma, Alabama for a protest march because it had built strong momentum for the Civil Rights Movement 39. The Kerner Commission blamed the white society and racism for inner-city problems. 40. Plessy v. Ferguson established “separate but equal” rights 41. The first main goal of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was for equal facilities for blacks and whites. 42. Freedom Riders tried to draw attention to the South’s refusal to integrate bus terminals. 43. The two main goals of the civil rights movement up to 1965 was to make segregation illegal in most public places and to get Blacks to vote. 44. After his trip to Makkah, Malcolm X concluded that an integrated society was possible. 45. The Vietminh first fought the French. 46. After the French left, the US supported South Vietnam 47. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave the president all necessary measures to repel any armed attacks against the forces of the US and to prevent further aggressions 48. The purpose of Agent Orange was to strip leaves from trees and shrubs to turn lands into wasteland. 49. President Johnson ordered a full-scale invasion of North Vietnam because he was afraid China would be attacked. 50. After the 1968 Tet Offensive, the US media began 51. After Nixon orders an

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