Fdr Vs Roosevelt Research Paper

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The media and sometimes my comments would always portray me as lazy, and quite honestly..Fat. During my term everyone compared me to Roosevelt, and would always criticize my ways. But it's what the media didn't say, that I did. People always talked smack about how I supported big business and that was a bad trait for a president, but no one ever mentioned how i was the first president to protect federal lands on oil had been found. Or how i also protected coal infested lands. Both of these products, by big business, would want to be exposed for profit, despite the fact that it was bad for the earth. But because i chose to protect these lands, both of these choices were against big business which would have made people happy...If they noticed. i also had twice as many prosecutions, under the ‘Sherman Antitrust Act’, than Roosevelt. To get more into detail, the most famous antitrust case that i ever did was the standard oil case. Coming into office i heard that before Roosevelt left office i had wanted an investigation of Standard Oil’s exclusive controls. This case didn’t reach supreme court until taft came into presidency. In 1911 the court found out that the trust did violate the ‘Sherman Antitrust Act’, by unfairly restricting the oil trade.…show more content…
Also the 16th and 17th amendment came into place during my term. Also I created a very famous thing called the dollar diplomacy. It was created to protect U.S. businesses in foreign countries. Through guaranteeing loans made to foreign countries, its main goal was to further the USA’s economic power to Latin America, and Eastern Asia. I encouraged U.S. bankers to invest in Honduras and Haiti. Later in 1912 I even went to military terms and sent marines to Nicaragua to get rid of an uprising that threatened to hurt the government. Overall, the dollar diplomacy was popular because of the money that went into being able to have warlike figures paid for, without any fighting, hence the DOLLAR
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