Fdr 's New Deal Program

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The CCC under his New Deal program, prompted the young males of America the chance to work and bring in money for their graving families, who were suffering during the Depression. They were working outside all the time, so it would better their overall physical appearance, but also their mental health too. FDR used the CCC to get the young men of America to become manlier. This ties to Teddy Roosevelt’s propaganda about America needing to show off their manliness to the rest of the world. The CCC brought forth a rejuvenation of the all-around health of the participants of the camps. The outdoor work that the workers were put through help transform their figures. As the Secretary of Labor, she played a role in the conditions of the workers the New Deal programs. Also one of the big proprietors for the preservation of forest that FDR pushed was Guilford Pinchot. The Pennsylvania governor liked and advocated for what FDR was pushing for what the CCC camps intent was. Roosevelt, before his time as governor in 1912, brought in Pinchot to help boost the popularity of the Roosevelt-Jones bill, which put regulations on deforestation on private lands in New York. Being a student of forestry, helped Pinchot get his point across with how to implement the conservation of forests. Pinchot’s methods of conservation were based on the timber production and the soil. Many of the CCC camps were based upon those two things. The people of Wisconsin at the Coon Valley camp were ecstatic
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