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1-In the 1990, easyjet says that the internet is not important for her business, and they denounced that the internet as something “for nerds”, and swore that it wouldn’t do anything for his business
In the 1998 the easyjet company as a low cost airline company were looking to undercut traditional carriers such as british airways, it need to create a lean operation to achieve this , the company decided to use a single sales channel that it was the phone but after the unexpected growth in sales they was obliged to start using the internet to serve his customer well , that it was a more efficient idea than building a new call center, that was in 1999 when easy jet start using internet for sales. The low cost
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4-Easyjet said the approach from NAS to use the EasyJet brand in the Gulf region had been made jointly with Dubai-based Abraaj Capital, a leading Middle East asset management and private equity group.
NAS is the largest operator of corporate jets in the Middle East and has already placed significant orders for Airbus executive jets to support private jet customers throughout the region and also on routes to Europe.
EasyJet said that NAS had applied for a licence to operate domestic scheduled flights initially in Saudi Arabia and later in the Gulf region, where to date low cost carriers had only had a minimal presence. The domestic market remains highly regulated and is dominated by the state-owned Saudi Arabian Airlines.
The small number of low cost airline start-ups in the Middle East include Air Arabia, based in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways.

EasyJet said that it was not planning to invest any equity or cash in the Saudi venture. It would only go ahead with such a move, if it delivered “significant shareholder value. A deal also depended on the progress made by NAS in its application for an operating licence.
A decision on the deal was unlikely to be made before early 2007.
“We would provide our brand and a little assistance in getting their airline set up,” said an EasyJet spokesman. The group would need to assess the potential risk to its brandname including safety and security risks.
EasyJet, which was started in 1995
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