Fear And Its Effect On Children

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Through out the course of this paper fear and its uses in persuasive campaigns will be examined thoroughly. Evidence will be shown through the campaigns used to stop smoking, have safe sex, drink responsibly, and stop drug abuse. When evaluating the techniques one must also be aware of the target on is trying to persuade. Everyone is different and internalizes their fears differently, leading to different stages of the mental process it takes to persuade the targets to improve their choices in terms of these topics.

From the moment we escape the womb to the moment we die, society will come across certain techniques that will subconsciously be used to convince and persuade mankind from certain decisions. The persuasion techniques can be seen as a double-sided sword. This is because the techniques can either be used to benefit or curse society. The technique specifically in question is fear. Fear can either convince someone to do something in order to prevent something worse from happening, or it can prevent something in fear of something worse happening. This can be seen in topics associated with but not limited to sex, smoking, drugs, alcohol etc. Whether these tactics work however is based on the targeted audience itself. Sex for example, has been a controversial topic for years. With unwanted pregnancy and a high risk to contract multiple sexually transmitted diseases, it is no wonder as to why this specific topic exploits the fear factor. However in this particular…
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