Fear And Lack Of Fear

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Fear is natural, but what isn’t natural is that people are afraid of improving their health due to unreliable reasons that are created from their imagination. People have always been afraid of dentists, and that fear is growing larger every year. The fear driven by a number of factors that may relate to the person and their association of dentists with pain, or the fear of the sound of the machines caused by fears originating from childhood memories and other experiences in life. The fears of past hearings related to the dentists and their actions may be a reason for fear in the patients. It dwells on the various reasons why people fear dentists, the solutions to that fear, ways in which people can develop love for dentists and deal with the fear including different methods that the dentists may apply to attract people to the clinics. Researchers at Rey Juan Carolos University of Madrid say that previous studies have identified an association between fear levels of parents and children, and that fathers have the largest effect on transferring their fear to their children (n.d, 1). Dental injections are the most feared among the other dental procedures as being told. Many people have general fears with relation to medical experiences such as the drugs that one needs to obtain full treatment. The thought of the dentist using the injection during the treatment is by itself the nightmare that a person is concerned of, and not only that, but also, after treatment, the dentist
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