Fear And Lack Of Fear Essay

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There is a normal amount of concern throughout difficult circumstances in life. However, more than just general concern, anxiety becomes an emotional overbearing big brother that hinders from allowing healthy existence under the pressures of reality. Sometimes this fear grows into an almost unbearable, overwhelming state that keeps one from living life and hindering healthy, functional responses. People may turn to spirituality and spiritual development as they look to have a deeper understanding of their ultimate purpose in life, aiding in the overwhelming, burdened, unclear, anxiousness. It seems as if most common (non life threatening) mental illnesses have some amount of debilitating, excessive, overwhelming fear that is the driving force. Fear seems to be the emotion that drives many of our emotional responses. Fear of relationships, fear of failing, fear at not being good enough, fear of overload, fear that someone is watching you, fear of the unknown, fear of change, etc. Out of this fear, an increase in anxiety arises. Introduction Some may go through therapy and some may take medication, and some, may seek out a greater, more personal development through spirituality. This research will set out to find out how spirituality can help anxiety-based disorders and what types of successful spiritual methods can help with fear based disorders. This paper will analyze if spirituality can help in healing anxiety based mental illness and disorders, and the methods of
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