Fear And The - Original Writing Essay

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She waited a few moments, then slipped out after them, her heart beating so loudly that she felt instinctively that it must be audible to the people she was following. She stayed just far enough back that the curve of the corridor concealed her from sight, keeping her footfalls silent on the deck plating. For just an instant she sped up, just to see a glimpse of these people. She could see dark hair, and then, for just a moment, lavender skin. Fear was setting in. At least in the dark she had doubts, but now she could do nothing but believe her eyes. She was on an alien spaceship. She didn’t know what to do, and so hung back and simply followed them as they carried on their way through the ship. She was grateful to have someone to follow because gradually their path became more labyrinthine as they wound their way further into the ship. They started to go rather fast, and she thought she might lose them. She slowed down to catch her breath, not sure yet if she would continue after them. But Nivea had stopped just in time. She hadn 't realized they had stopped as well, and she had to lurch herself back before they saw her. She waited, spying carefully around the corner. The four men were clustered around a door, and they seemed to be having trouble opening it. Finally they wrenched the door open, and Nivea 's heart jumped as she saw Meg. She had an orange oil on her fingers like liquid iodine, and tears in her eyes. Nivea couldn’t help the surge of hope and maybe even
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