Fear, By Karen Thompson Walker

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Cameron Patecell
Mr. Wuchner
Adv. English II, period 5
20 May 2015
It is an utterly simplistic word, fear, yet one so misunderstood by society. Fear is a perplexing aspect of life, generally being perceived with a negative connotation and seen as a handicap. Society most commonly only glimpses at the peak of fear, the cold dreaded zenith, while below this surface lies many other dimensions of this complex emotion. Fear is generally viewed as a weakness, something to disregard and overcome. Only by welcoming this fear, with its potential of being a burden to life or making it prosper, can one master the act of regulating fear and using it for one’s benefit.
While being used properly, fear becomes an auspicious element of mankind’s survival. Renowned author, Karen Thompson Walker, explains fear 's unseen ability to make its target fixated on possible end results of scary or nerve racking situations. During her speech on TED talks, Walker encourages the audience to analyze fear as story telling which occurs in the very depths of our subconscious. She asserts that fear is a “gift of the imagination” and that “Read in the right way, our fears are an amazing gift…. properly read, our fears can offer us something as precious as our favorite works of literature: a little wisdom, a bit of insight and a version of that most elusive thing -- the truth” (Walker). While talking, Walker is trying to imply the fact that fear is not always the "big, bad monster" society has made it
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