Fear Can Get The Best Of Someone

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It’s crazy to think that fear can get the best of someone. When you are in fear, you normally don’t do what you normally do because it’s something you are not used to. It can take control over your life and affect you in many different ways. People always tell you that you actually have to do what you fear the most to overcome the horror. Fear normally happens when someone overthinks a situation or even a object. When you turn fear on, it is very similar to turning on a light switch, you start thinking of the worse case scenarios. For me, my fear was heights. Now, I know most people have a fear of heights which is why some people won’t climb a mountain, fly in the air, or even ride a rollercoaster. Luckily, I am one of those people who are…show more content…
Yes we have the same name, yes it get’s confusing and annoying. When we are hanging out everyone calls her Bessy and I’m just Nicole. She has a season pass and brought our friend and boyfriend at the time Tommy. Bessy and Tommy were the kind of couple you can say the line “opposites attract”. Bessy is the quiet one and Tommy is the loud and crazy one. The last person that came was our friend Sean, he had a season pass. He tried to bring a friend, but his friend couldn’t show. He is a lot like Tommy, but more “inappropriate” and what I mean by that is that, he makes jokes sometimes at the wrong time, but we love him anyway. I remember how the weather was, normally in New Jersey, was very bipolar. One minute it was sunny, the next it was cloudy, and then it would start raining. Luckily, that did not stop us. It was extremely crowded because it was the last day for the bring your friend for free if you have a season pass. It was so crowded we only got to go on one ride, but it was fun at least. We spent most of the day just walking around and being devoured by the heat.
As I said before it was extremely crowded. Like you could not go on one single ride without an hour to two hours of a wait. Who really wants to wait that long for a ride? We only when on one ride which was nitro. It’s yellow and has a decent drop. And what I mean by decent drop, I mean nothing compared to Kingda Ka, where it just goes
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