Fear: Fear And The Negative Effects Of Fear

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What are fears? Fears are something that we have created in our mind after, usually, having a negative experience. I say "usually" because fears cannot only come from our own experiences but also from those of others also. A lot of people have different fears. The main ingredient of fears is that they are created in our minds, reinforced in our minds and sustained in our minds.

Outside of the fear of heights, which is an innate response and a "natural" fear that has been scientifically proven to be apparent in some very young children, all the rest of our fears are created in our mind. We have a negative event and we reinforce it through thinking about, fearing and analyzing the negative impact of our fears. Thus mediation can be extremely beneficial in helping us conquer or deal with our
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You're following your breath, focusing on your breath. Unlike the technique above, you are not holding your breath but breathing slowly in and out. You may want to choose a mantra to think in your mind such as "I AM" as you breathe in and the word "PEACEFUL" as you breath out. You say these words in your mind as you breathe. Now that you have gotten into your relaxing meditative state, what you are going to do is focus on that which you are afraid of. Remain in this meditative state and focus on your fear; again, we will use the fear of snakes as an example again. Focus on snakes, just think about them. You will find your body tensing and becoming fearful again. Keep breathing slowly and deeply. You will find the anxiety building up again. As you feel the anxiety building up, take your mind off the snake and begin to focus on the breathing again. You will feel your body relax. As it does and you become relaxed again, think about your fear again. Imagine yourself being in the same room with your fear and think about it. As you feel the anxiety take over again, go back to breathing and saying your mantra. Repeat it over and

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