Fear In Japanese Qlance And Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Japanese Quince

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Fear is everywhere in our lives and people deal with fear in many ways. People either let fear control them or they take action and don't let fear overtake them. All these stories the class read all talk about fear and how fear took control over the people. Fear is something very important made by nature because it challenges people every day. Nadime Gordimer’s “Once Upon a Time” John Galsworthy’s “Japanese Quince” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” show how people try to isolate themselves when they are scared or don't feel safe. These stories show things that happen in the real world. Gordimer, Galsworthy, and Marquez show that fear in humanity causes people to become isolated from society. Gordimer demonstrates the fear in the society when all the neighbors start building walls maybe to protect and isolate themselves from society. Gordimer uses walls to show the fear of the non-white people. Walls also has a deeper meaning for all the segregation that happens in the real world. The beginning of the story talks about “There were riots, but these were outside the city, where people of another color were quartered ” (Gordimer 57) how people of different races are separated. The wife talks about how even though they are separated with the other colored people she is still scared and this has to do with racism. The parents try to build the walls to feel safe and isolated from the other colored people, but

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