Fear Is Greater Than Hunger

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War, if justified, seems to be inevitable. Those who have experienced any physical conflict know that one of the most significant parts to war is fear. Fear, although it is an unpleasant emotion, can be useful in battle, to keep those fighting on edge and remain vigilant. Elie Wiesel explains just how fearful he was as a young boy during the holocaust by stating, “Fear was greater than hunger” (Wiesel 59). For Wiesel to exaggerate the fact that fear was more prominent than hunger is significant given the fact that they were forced to function on little to no food already. Fear is the most significant emotion felt during any conflict, regardless of the circumstance, and can be proven so in any battle ever fought. There are many conflicts in which the US has been involved that showcase how fear has made an impact on our nation as a whole. War on terror is one of the biggest examples of using conflict to inflict fear on someone. The headlines following the 9/11 threat caused our nation to panic with fear. Propaganda during WWII was also used as a fear tactic to clearly demonstrate the enemy. The civil rights movement contained many acts of violence in order to prove a point. Along with this violence was fear tactics made to show what African Americans suffered in order to become an equal part of society. Statues and other pieces of art were made to help us remember as well as fear defiance. The holocaust, during WWII was a complete devastation for the Jews. Anne Frank’s
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