Fear Is More Powerful Than Reason

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English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes believes that humans are naturally evil. We subconsciously surround ourselves with negativity and apply it into our daily lives. We lie to the people we are closest with and to the people we do not even know. Others take negativity further and commit atrocious acts like robbery and murder. Negativity is perpetual throughout politics as well, there is a continual sentiment of sexism and racism where all white male politicians are on the dominant side. Negative feelings like fear, hostility, and distress are also constantly present and the media further accentuates it. It can be said that negativity drives our actions and influences the decisions we make. Journalist, Sharon Begley, explains that fear is more powerful than reason and that humans have a natural defense mechanism to avoid situations that make you afraid. Politicians actively employ negativity into their campaigns and consequently have higher chances of winning. Fear is a powerful, yet common emotion politicians manipulate from the public in order to garner votes. For over a century, politicians have used fear in their campaigns as “fear is one of the most politically powerful emotions a candidate can tap, especially when the fears have a basis in reality. Neurobiologist, Michael Fanselow of University of California, Los Angeles explains why fear is so powerful and why we react to our fears. He states that from an evolutionary standpoint, fear has more authority than reason (50).
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