Fear Of Crime Is An Emotional Reaction Essay

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‘The overall fear of crime has increased over the last two decades due to populist(democratic) , and not evidence based, attempts to reduce crime.’ Critically discuss this statement. The fear of crime has established a surprising amount of attraction in the past two decades. Fear of crime is an emotional reaction and it is not based on reality. People who are very fearful are less likely at risk. Panic and fear of crime mainly comes through media. The government and its politics plays a huge part in the overall fear of crime. Even though their attempts are to reduce crime, or as politicians uses the term “what the public wants” in their speech for their own motives and to gain trust from the citizens. However, in order to do what the public wants, the government takes quick solution step without thinking through the long term consequences because the only results that came out of it was either people were fearing crime more or living in a bubble that just because the politicians are putting criminals away so it is safe! Criminal justice Policy 1979-84 the promise on being tough on crime. One of the ultimate result that came out of it was the increase in prison population. Prison plays a significant part in fear of crime. However the myth that the high the prison population is, the crime rate reduces; however it is not evidence based. What about the crimes that was not reported? If the prison population gone from 40,000 to 85,000, then why is there still huge number of
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