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Fear is the number one obstacle everyone must overcome at some point in their life. When the word fear is brought up I like to think of past situations that I experienced. There are many different methods used to conquer and learn from our fears such and exposure therapy, having a growth mindset, and thinking positive. For example, when I was younger fear was my worst enemy, School was the main reason that caused my fear. My fear of failure was my biggest obstacle growing up so I used that as a method to learn from my fears. In the Ted talk “Smash Fear, Learn Anything” Tim Ferris talks about having a growth mindset, when Ferris was younger he moved to japan not knowing nothing. Ferris first day of school in japan was like my personal…show more content…
It came to the point where I thought to myself that I was not going to get my work done on time. So, I decided to change my mindset and think to myself that I can finish the task at hand and just think positive over all. Allowing me to conquer my fear of failure and learn from my mistake, developing a growth mindset. For example, in the passage class act it tells us of a man’s experience of how he acquired the act of fearlessness. In the passage they talk about the man facing many challenges. One of them being facing fear head on. and using that to conquer fear its self even by looking at your worst fear head on. As a personal experience I realized that facing fear head on a one of the best methods used to conquer fear its self. Another good example used to conquer fear is presented in the passage “Ten Ways We Get the Odds Wrong” in the passage it goes on to tell the reader of many person challenges different people faced that caused them to overcome their personal fears. Such as “we fear cancer but not heart disease” in that passage they say, “things build up slowly but are very hard for us to see” when I hear that I like to think of that as a way used to conquer our fears by thinking of it as a way of letting our fears just pile up to the point where we become blind of them. leading us to just forget about them and learning to move on kind of like a growth mindset. Another good part from the book ten ways we get the odds wrong is “we should fear, Fear

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