Fear Of Public Speaking Speech

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In America, public speaking is the number one fear. In high school, I always had assignments where I would have to speak out in front of the class, and I would hate it. My voice would tremble and my hands would shake uncontrollably. Unfortunately, I have always been a shy person and that conflicted with me having to be able to speak in front of a big group of people. However, when I was younger, I found ways to get out of doing plays or speaking, but when I got older I couldn't get out of it. I would feel embarrassed when I would be talking and people would yell out saying “I can’t hear you” or “speak louder;” it made my anxiety worse. Going into my senior year, I could see myself slowly starting to evolve. A day away from one of the most important days of my life I had less than 24 hours to face my biggest fear. However, I learned on graduation day that gathering up a little bit of courage can help me overcome a fear of public speaking, and can one day help me be successful. It was the day June, 14 graduation day I got up with butterflies in my stomach. It started at two o'clock, but the students had to be there by 12 to make sure we all came on time. I was so nervous to go to graduation because I got a call less than 24 hours ago about a speech I wasn't prepared for. My mom could see the nervous look in my face and told me “ you're going to do great, don’t worry, we're all proud of you.” “Thank you, but I wish I had more time to prepare myself for it.” I replied after my

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