Fear Of Strangers In Public Spaces

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Imagine walking down a crowded city block and knowing every single person that passes by. It’s hard to imagine, because the chances of knowing everyone are improbable. Each day city dwellers pass by strangers they have never met before and have the good chance of never seeing again. Each day these dwellers pass by each other without any forms of social acknowledgement interactions. Though everyone’s actions may appear the same, behavioral patterns and mindsets when interacting and being near strangers in public spaces vary depending on gender. Fear is the main contributor in behavior and what goes through the minds of people when walking in public spaces and limit the amount and the ways that interactions take place with strangers. It has been well established that the specific gender to be more fearful of…show more content…
The thin body is such a cultural standard and is an unchallenged norm and is rarely questioned as a state of being. Universal media images reinforce and perpetuate the normalcy of thinness. When watching a movie, a television show, or even flipping through a magazine, those with a slimmer body dominate. Even if there is an individual with a slightly larger figure, typically the plot line is centered around that, and it isn’t considered normal. Thin individuals are made to feel welcome and normal in the usual walks of public life. Meanwhile, those without privilege must negotiate daily interactions, sometimes feeling shame, guilt, and anger because of their bodies (Kawn 147). Those without the privilege experience being judged and, at times, verbally abused. These experiences leave them emotionally scarred and weary of any social interactions with strangers in public spaces. If they choose to interact they run the risk of the abuse repeating, and only adding to their
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