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Veronica Taylor
Instructor: Erin Nelson
May 16, 2014 Fear of Alto phobia The fear I need to conquer is my fear of heights. Heights are one of my biggest fears that I have tried numerous of times to get over. This fear causes me to have real bad anxiety attacks to where I sweat, shake, have blurred vision, and have trouble breathing to where I have an asthma attack. One day my sister tried to help me conquer my fears by making me ride on roller coaster and that day is the day that I will never forget because she made my fears worst. The bad thing about my fear is when I go to sleep I picture myself up high in the air somewhere falling and wake up instantly nervous in
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I feel the drop then all the turns and hills so I open my eyes just a little bit just to see that the ride is slowing down coming to a complete stop. I open my eyes all the way and my friend asks me if I was okay and I smiled and told her yes because that day I conquer my biggest fear. I gave her a hug after we was off the ride and told her thank you and that she was the best ever for helping me conquer my fear of heights and putting up with me. Now when I go to any amusement parks or carnival I can ride on rides that go high but not by myself, I can’t do it just yet. I was scared in the beginning but now I’m not. Most importantly I overcome my fear of alto
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