Fear, Regret, And Ixiety In The Glass Menagerie

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When the body contracts a germ, the white blood cells are in a race against time to rid the body of this foreign bug that had invaded the human body so that the host does not get sick. If the germ is eradicated in time, the body might vomit, sneeze, cough, or even have diarrhea. We can label this as a form of in-house purging. But what happens if the germ goes undetected?
Cathartic behaviors are those that cause the soul of a person to release things that are meant to come out. How can one know how to release if you are not aware of the cause? In the Glass Menagerie, each character is afflicted with a psychoanalytic behavior which has entrapped them in their world. Everyone on the outside can see this affliction, except for those who are there. We further investigate the cause of fear, regret, and anxiety each character possesses by applying these psychoanalytic theories. In The Glass Menagerie, we are going to discover the psychosis conflict within Amanda's fear, Tom's regret, and Laura's anxiety.
What is fear? According to fear is "a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid."
Amanda lives in constant fear. Some of her fear is real, and other parts are just purely imagined. "When fear gets out of control, or when we fear something that cannot actually harm us, it can escalate to a point where it effects our daily functioning. Fear is no longer adaptive
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