Fear Represented In The Iron Giant

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How Is Fear Represented in The Iron Giant
The Iron Giant is a 1999 Animation flick which gives us a taste of comdey and a bit of sadness plus a small amount of fear which was intentional . It was directed by Brad Bird, the film is essentially about a child that is about 6-7 years old who is named Hograth finds a robot lurking near a power station and starts to bond with the robot. Also this takes place during a time where each country was fearing war and were scared of each other . This is shown where the American spy is fearing that this was a attack by the Soviets.
The film techniques used in this film changes the entire landscape and changes the mood during the scene. The colour reflects on a charters feelings and the camera angles and
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Let’s first talk about the parts when the camera angle changes a entire scene. The segment where the robot has Hogarth in his hand and shows Hogarth the town the camera angle is really vital when this scene is first introduced to the viewer because the dolly shot which is the camera angle used in this scene is a shot taken from a moving terrace and this changes the vibe of this scene and fear because it is taken from a angle where the camera is under the robot and this scene shows how big The Iron Giant is compared to Hogarth this adds fear because the viewer thinks that a robot that size can strike at any moment so the fear and tension rises in the viewers eyes. The angle which also has a effect on the film is the close shot this is shot is where a camera angle grants the viewer clear detail of the object but mostly a person it is customary only focusing on the head and shoulder. This can be spotted at the start of the movie where the sailor thinks he has spotted the lighthouse. But is startled when the Iron Giant this scene adds fear and fantastic angles of the Giant greet him. The angle shows the Giant smashing the top of the boat with his torso then the sailor looks up and sees the top half of The Iron Giant this details the Iron Giants power and looks. This scene has a lot of fear thrown into it , the viewer knows that there is no messing around with the robot and the sailor looks like he just saw a ghost also the viewer is petrified of what they have just seen . This is really intentional fear this is mainly because the director wants every viewer to fear the robot and the camera angle is really meaningful to the fear aspect because it shows that the robot is show huge that the sailor could not even se its leg or bottom
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