Fear The Walking Dead By Madison. Kim Dickens

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Review Fear The Walking Dead “So Close, Yet So Far” Madison (Kim Dickens ) endeavors to help to keep Nick (Frank Dillane) from severe withdrawal, Travis (Cliff Curtis) embarks to look for his boy before the community of Los Angeles collapses. Artie (Scott Lawrence) patrols the vacant hallways of the high school. He hears a disturbance and then turns. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) searches for Matt (Maestro Harrell) at his home but discovers the place in disarray. She gasps once she goes into the living room area. Fleeing the place of their run-in with Calvin , Travis, Madison along with Nick rush to their residence in the pickup truck. They come to a decision they need to evacuate to the desert. Travis leaves a voicemail for Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), advising the teenager it is an urgent situation. Madison makes a call to Alicia and thus understands that she is with Matt, who is actually at his residence by himself with a fever. Madison advises Alicia to keep away from Matt until they get there. At Matt’s residence, Madison as well as Travis discovery Alicia wiping Matt’s brow, refusing to depart from his side regardless of the potential for contamination. Travis discovers a sizable bite into Matt’s neckline. Knowing the gravity of the condition, Matt demands Alicia to walk away with her mom and dad. Nick in the meantime rifles carefully through Matt’s bathroom cabinets, really trying to find pills. Chris gets on an urban city bus, paying no attention to the cell

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