Fear Transformation Examples

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The definition of fear is; an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of fear. Fear is often illustrated in scary stories by transformations. In this unit we read many scary stories that used transformations to illustrate fear. We can find transformations everywhere, even in our everyday lives. A transformation that i’ve seen in my life is moving to california, I experienced transformations in this because when I moved houses it felt like I had to restart all over, and then again when I went to school and didn’t know anyone. These are transformations because it was a considerable change. One of the first stories we read in this section was “fall of the house of usher”. I would use this as an example of a transformation…show more content…
I would use this as an example because there could be plenty of examples used to show a transformation. The picture that i think shows transformation the most is “flood dream.” i think that this shows the biggest transformation because it shows that there's a little boy climbing through the roof and behind him there is puddles of water everywhere and in the far distance there's a boat. This is a transformation because it was once dry, sunny, and there was nothing wrong with the house but now that things transformed everything has changed. The last thing we read, we got to choose. I chose “sleep Paralysis” because it sounded the most interesting. “Sleep paralysis” can be used as an example because you can be sleeping and then wake up but not be able to move. “Sleep paralysis” is a great example because it's going from being fine and feeling normal to not being able to move or talk or control yourself. This is my favorite example to show how transformations are used in scary stories. This section of our book was such a great example of how transformations are shown in scary stories. We read many stories that were great examples including, “fall of the house of usher”, the photo essay, and “sleep paralysis.”WE can also find transformations in our everyday life. These are just a few examples that i've seen.If you are looking to find a transformation in your life, think of all of the times something in your life that has dramatically changed
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