Fear Vs Reality

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Therefore, feeling which human feels is the product of emotion system, shaping by what we have experienced and it shapes how we react. The reaction or our behavior is the result of what we perceive shaping by feeling, and all of these are the reality that each of us perceive and react differently, even it is totally same situation. In terms of studying process, the feeling of human is very considerable because it helps us to design our reality, feeling influences our reaction, sometimes it helps to perceive things in a good way and push us forward, whereas it also allures us from reality. However, it might not be wrong to say that feeling is the product of rational system that human creates and it mainly depend on what they used to experience (Foundation, 2016).…show more content…
It is impossible that humans will perceive the same things in exactly the same way. There are various perspectives and feelings that one human being can own. Their feelings will become the reality that human creating themselves; and fear is one of them. All in all, fear as the product of thought is mostly perceived by its negative meaning, but it conversely creates yourself in reality, only if you learn from it. Accordingly, this research paper explores how fear as product of thought is transformed into yourself in reality. The creation and types of fear will be discussed in the first part. In the second part, the disadvantages and advantages of fear linking to the creation of individual, or yourself will be presented. The conclusion will sum up the research paper which also brings to another interesting question
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