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Fear and Loathing On The Campaign Trail ’72 was a book about a writer for the Rolling Stone and his coverage of the presidential elections in 1972. These elections were between the incumbent Republican, President Richard Nixon and the Senator from South Dakota, George McGovern. The election of 1972 saw McGovern come out of the democratic National Convention over Senators Muskie and Humphrey but only to lose to the incumbent president Richard Nixon.
Hunter S. Thompson writes about the Election of 1972 from December 1971, before any primaries, to December 1972 after Nixon has won the election. It is a truthful first person account of what happened during the presidential race that year with much personal, side talk about Thompson’s life,
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In the October chapter, he calls the president a, “drooling red- eyed beast with the legs of a man and the head of a giant hyena…” heading toward Watergate. He then comes back after this metaphor to say, “Ah…nightmares, nightmares. But I was only kidding. The president would never act tat weird. At least not during football season.” In these passages he uses a metaphor to show the president in a very negative light and to stress on Nixon’s negative connection with Watergate. His next statement is a sarcastic phrase saying the president would never act this way during football season. This sarcastic comment shows President Nixon as a savage beast whose only real knowledge is in football. This style of writing is what made Hunter Thompson, Gonzo Journalism, and this book very famous.
The book is a very opinionated story of the election of 1972. It follows all the major political events leading up to elections like the primaries and the caucuses. The chapters are all split up in months and chronicle the major events and outcomes of the landmark events during each month. Along the way he includes many interviews that he took and many conversations between many of the people involved in the election. The book is a great insight to politics and gives a non- sugarcoated, non- media- altered view of politics. It talks about the griminess and political tactics used by the political parties and the candidates

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