Essay on Fear of Death

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Death it is something we all must face at one point in our lives or another. It is either a death of a loved one, friend or co-worker. Sometimes it’s the devastation from a natural disaster. No matter what makes us face the idea of death it is how we handle this realization that truly matters. When Gilgamesh is faced with the horrendous loss of his dear friend and comrade Enkidu he begins to fear death. In Gilgamesh’s youth he is proud without fear of death, it is not until he watches his friend die that his own mortality becomes a fear. The story begins showing Gilgamesh as a strong warrior as shown when he first meets Enkidu who wants to stop Gilgamesh from having relations with a woman on her wedding night. “They grappled each …show more content…
Later when Gilgamesh is told by the elders that the quest is technically his death warrant he laughs and says “I am afraid” (28) this showing that he does not fear death at this point in time. When they finally reach Humbaba they begin to fight when Gilgamesh states “Forget about death” (39) here we see that Gilgamesh is saying death is not an issue. They are there to fight and not worry about the consequences even if it is death. Towards the end of the battle Humbaba realizes he will lose and begins to beg for mercy. He pleads with Gilgamesh to spare his life while Enkidu tells him to finish him off. When Gilgamesh finally decides to carry out with the orginal plan Humbaba cures them both saying “May the pair of them never reach old age” (43) this is basically saying may they day at a young age. At this point Gilgamesh does not seem to be shaken with the words of Humbaba and finishes him off. After this battle Gilgamesh offends Ishtar by refusing her prosal, she then convinces the Bull of Heaven to go after them. Enkidu and Gilgamesh kill the bull which causes the Gods to decide that one of them must die, they agree that Enkidu must die. At this point Gilgamesh begins to believe that death is for the living since they will mourn for those who die. At this point he still is not showing any fear of death while trying to comfort his friend with “left mourning for the
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