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Fearful Wishing "The Monkey's Paw"      What if in this world there is an item that can grant anybody any three wishes? There may even be serious and dangerous consequences to every wish. The strange thing about the ability to get any three wishes that one wants is that it's true."The monkey's paw" written by W.W. Jacobs uses the well known story of being granted 3 wishes but puts a twist on the story creating a horror type story. In the small parlor of Lakesnam Villa a visitor comes named Sergeant Major Morris. The Sergeant Major visits the house of Mr. and Mrs. White and their son Herbert. The sergeant pulls out the monkeys paw and talks about its magic before throwing it in the fire where…show more content…
So even there will be a consequence in the wish just make sure that when it is wished for that it is an intelligent one.            If one is making a wish then it must be a smart one or don't make one at all. Weeks after their son’s death Mrs. White thinks to use the monkeys paw. She suggests that her husband wish for their son to be alive again with their second wish. He raised his hand "I wish for my son alive again" (Jacobs 8). He made his son come back to life in the same way he was killed. To bring his son to life was a mistake because he does not know what he will be like when he's brought back. The first wish had a negative effect to getting the wish granted so it is only natural that the others will have some kind of consequence to them. To use the monkey's paw again to wish for Herbert to be alive after the talisman had killed him was the biggest mistake. Wishing their son back from the dead will probably result in he not being the same person that he once was. Making a reckless wish to try and make up for the mistake that had been caused by the first wish was a total and utter waste. If Mr. White had listened to the warning that was given to him he wouldn’t have had so much anguish.      Being given a serious warning means that you should listen or you
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