Essay on Fearless Jewish Women

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Over 6 million are dead, with the next Ben Franklin or the cure for cancer gone forever. All of this happened because of a man named Adolf Hitler. Though the Jews believed the Germans would not harm the women or child, they were victims as well. Women and children were often mass murdered or sent to concentration camps. “This was, of course, not the choice of the women or of their husbands. It was a German decision,” Ruth Bondy states. World War II tore families apart and numerous dead, but the women remained strong through it all. The lives of the Jewish were very traditional; the men worked for the economic support of the family, while the women were responsible for the house, children, and family. Most women were excluded from …show more content…
Hitler believed the Aryan race was pure, so to protect racial purity, he ordered to get ride of all Jews, Salvs, Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally ill, or disable people. His army invaded the Soviet Union to gather up any Jews they could find. They were then sent to death camps where mass murder would take place. Since using machine guns killed very little in a huge amount of time, the Nazis developed new ideas for death. Gas chambers and fake showerheads were among the death equipment used to murder the Jews. The “Final Solution” appeared to work and Hitler continued fighting his war without any more thought about the people he was killing. Nazi continued to prosecute Jews, regardless of their age or gender. Certain concentration camps had special areas for the females. In May 1939, the Nazis opened up Ravenbruck, the largest concentration camp for women. In 1942, the Nazis formed a compound Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, also called Auschwitz II, just for the women prisoners. During the last years of the war, women were transferred to Bergen-Belsen. Although the females had special camps, it did not mean they were treated pleasant or with special privileges Once arriving at the concentration camps, the women were treated horribly. Women who were pregnant or with small children consider “incapable of work” were sent directly to the gas chambers. A few “lucky” women were sent to clothing repair, cooking, laundry, or
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