Fears In Stephen King's Why We Crave Horror

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My grandma once told me, “If you stay up too late at night, the boogeyman will get you”. I never believed her but I knew I wouldn’t want to see the Boogeyman if he actually existed. Most people would actually want to watch these horrible beings. In this case, they would want to view a horror movie such as “Friday the 13” or “Nightmare on Elm Street”. It is part of our Human Condition to be attracted to the films and asking for more. Stephen King’s claims in “Why we crave horror” asserts us that humans crave horror to face our fears, to re-establish our feelings of normalcy, and to experience a peculiar sort of fun.
First timers would go to a horror film showing to face their fears. Like an amusement park, horror movies can be a very scary experience for certain people. Such as, when King stated, “To show that we can [...], that we can ride this roller coaster” (“Why We Crave” King 1). When he said this, he referred to riding a roller coaster is like watching a horror movie. One special fear that almost everyone has is the fear of death itself. As King once said, “Death is when the monsters get you” (King). What he could mean here is that when you die, the monsters take over your body. Stephen King has such great information on why we crave horror and one of those reasons is to face our fears.
We yearn for horror to re-establish our feelings of normalcy. For instance, some people would watch a movie and see people melting or in an ugly form, but then realize what King said,
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