Feasibility Analysis: Diet Restaurant in Miami

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A feasibility study assesses the projects prospective for success. With that said, this analysis is based on the extensive investigation and research to give a full ease to the decisions makers.
Does it make sense?
Because the market right now is hot on people trying to find ways to stay healthy, having a restaurant that is geared toward helping people stay healthy makes perfect sense. It makes even more sense because the restaurant is being opened up as a healthy restaurant that will give customers food that is not fake with various kinds of harmful chemicals. With hundreds of restaurants being opened everyday but with food that has tons and tons of pesticides and other harmful agents in them, an idea like the paleo-diet based restaurant is not only a great concept but it is also right on time.
Does it take advantage of environmental trend or solve a problem?
It most definitely takes advantage of environmental trend and manages to solve a problem. How? Well, For one, it uses "authentic food." Food that is free of pesticides, antibiotics, steroids, cages & industrial feeding lots. This explains that it is part of solving a problem because most foods as discussed earlier are…

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