Feasibility Analysis Of Arnold Bakery's Business Impact Analysis Report

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Arnold Bakery’s Business Impact Analysis Report
The proposed electronic records system is the solution Arnold Bakery has been waiting for because the ingenious move to electronically capture all company records, will transform all operations at Arnold Bakery by increasing efficiency and effectiveness within Arnold Bakery. The designed feasibility analysis aims at explaining to all stakeholders of Arnold Bakery the importance of implementing this new proposed project. The employees of Arnold Bakery are the company’s greatest assets. In appraising the value of the supervisors and casual workers at Arnold Bakery, adequate training sessions will be designed with the sole objective of educating and familiarizing Arnold Bakery’s staff to the …show more content…

Expected Disruptions from Employees
1. Most of them fear the proposed system will result in the loss of their jobs
2. The way in which the proposed system will be introduced will also result in resistance of the new information system.
3. Fear and Shock for the unknown
4. Loss of control will result to resistance they will feel powerless to the new information system
5. Lack of competence as they fear the new system will be difficult to learn as most supervisors and casual employees are computer illiterate.
Mitigating the disruptions
1. Arnold Bakery should carefully and wisely select the proposed records capture system. A user-friendly system will be easily accepted.
2. Putting forward and stating clearly the vision for the new technology will help increase its acceptability rate.
3. Customized training sessions will easily guide the staff at Arnold bakery by having fun while using the information system instead of looking at the new system as a barrier to their activities.
4. Highlighting the quick wins from using the information system will also stimulate and increase the acceptability rate.
Expected Concerns from Stakeholders of Arnold Bakery
· Lost Income and Sales during implementation
· Delayed Income of sales
· Increased overheads
· Contractual penalties
· Customer dissatisfaction
· Delay in new plans for the growth of the business
Managing Shareholders Concerns
· By properly

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