Feasibility Analysis Of Javanet Is An Internet Cafe Essay

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Introduction JavaNet is, currently, a privately held Oregon Limited Liability Corporation, with a founder and majority owner, Cale Bruckner, and 3 private investors including Luke Walsh, Dough Wilson, and John Underwood. Private investors, are considered to have a minority stock position, and are shielded from double taxation. JavaNet is an internet café that is looking for an additional private investor to fund the beginning work on site preparations and modifications, equipment purchases, and additional capital to cover the first years operating expenses. This investment would require a total investment of $24,000, to be added to the additional funding secured from the Oregon Economic Development Fund, the owner, Cale Bruckner’s, initial investment, from the investment of the 3 other private investors, and from the short term loans; totaling $112, 290 for start-up costs, (Business Plan Pro, 2009). Feasibility Analysis JavaNet is the creation of an environment that will be positioned as an educational resource for individuals wishing to learn about the benefits the Internet has to offer, (Business Plan Pro, 2009). JavaNet will be giving its customers access to the latest in computing technology, external POP3 and JavaNet email accounts, laser and color printer and scanning services, as well as access to the most popular and most updated software, (Business Plan Pro, 2009). Is there demand? JavaNet will provide the community, which does not have other

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