Feasibility And Merit Criteria For Our Recycling Program

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The facility would contain an office area for the Sustainability Supervisor, a paid employee of Mercer University who would be responsible for the recycling and sustainability efforts at Mercer University. They would oversee interns responsible for maintaining and updating the website as well as student workers who would sort recyclable materials. It would be outfitted with three computers, office furniture, and a solar compactor. Collected recyclables would be taken to that facility to be sorted, compacted and housed. With the creation of a sustainability office, we would be able to increase the amount of recyclable waste that could be stored on campus and simply take the material to Atlanta, directly, after it was capable of filling the truck. This would decrease the amount of trips taken downtown to the Macon recycling center and increase Mercer’s independence in the sustainability movement. Feasibility and Merit Criteria The feasibility criteria considered in deciding the requirements of our recycling program, were the same conditions given to us in the RFP. At the very minimum each proposed program had to include recycling in Academic/Office buildings, Residential areas, the University Center, the Connell Student Center, and the Sporting arenas. When it came to deciding what merit criteria would be used in establishing parameters, we focused on the major problems detailed to us during the Bidder’s Conference. We were informed that the major factors in the failure of
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