Feasibility Of Preventive Maintenance On The Oil Pipelines

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ABSTRACT Oil spills have devastating effects wherever it occurs like damage to aquatic, aerial and terrestrial life. Most of NNPC’s oil spillage is largely due to pipeline corrosion. This paper will explore the feasibility of preventive maintenance on the oil pipelines which will aid in the prevention and early detection of oil leakages. The major causes of pipeline spillages are corrosion, stress, etc. Preventive maintenance practices on the oil pipelines consists of actions that will improve the conditions of the pipeline systems for optimized performance and aversion of unwanted system failure. A preventive maintenance system will be developed using the FMEA approach as methodology. Keywords: Oil spillage, NNPC, pipelines, preventive…show more content…
Consistent oil spills from these pipelines constitute health hazards. Problem statement Currently majority of NNPC’s pipelines are poorly maintained and this is causing oil spillage as the pipelines tend to rupture or leak when oil is being transported to the refineries. A ruptured or leaking pipeline is very hazardous to the environment and leads to production loss for NNPC. From the most current data released, NNPC lose 600,000 barrels of crude oil, which is about 28% of the 2.1 million barrels produced daily with total worth of about $160 million annually (NNPC annual report). In a study conducted on productivity of industries in Nigeria which also applies to NNPC, it was identified that most of the causes of low productivity were due to lack of manager’s unwillingness to maintain the system effectively (Nwachukwu, 2006). Poorly maintained operation management activities result in low production quality and quantity, low market share and low growth rate. In the case of NNPC’s pipelines, apart from low productivity, oil is spilled which has disastrous effects on the community. Thesis statement The emphasis of this praxis will be development of a preventive maintenance system for NNPC which will drastically reduce or eliminate oil spillage from the pipelines, reduce adverse consequences of lack of a maintenance system like frequent oil spillage, identify optimal maintenance practices that will prevent future leakages of oil pipelines and implementation of standard

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