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CHAPTER I The Problem This chapter discusses the background, objectives, significance of the study, scope and limitations, data gathering process and the research design and methodology. 1.1 Background and Rationale of the Study
Airsoft is one of the newest and fastest growing sport in the Philippines. It is somewhat similar to paintball in that your primary goal is to shoot your opponent with an air-powered weapon but that is where the similarities end. Most paintballers play in small field with brightly colored flashy uniforms. Airsofter's on the other hand prefer MilSim (Military Simulation).

Devised to be an example of combat sports that required relatively little preparation but was capable of entertaining participants
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When it comes to the guns themselves in airsoft, there are three styles of systems they use to fire the BB pellets. You have electric powered gun, or AEG's (automatic electric guns). This is most popular type of airsoft gun.

Airsoft entails not only shooting skills, but also physical strength and mental ability for you to achieve efficiently all the objectives set in every game. May the best team win," said Team SCAR president Jeson L. Guardo.

As people nowadays are drawn into outdoor sports, this study introduces new exciting activities to try on in the city. This study aids the need of the airsoft enthusiast for a proper gaming area with additional courses related to the battle field games for a more realistic and adrenalin-rush game. Airsoft Adventure Park offers airsoft plus high-and-low courses to enjoy – for bonding, personal development and team-building purposes.

1.2 Objectives of the Study
The main objective of this study is to determine the viability and profitability of an airsoft adventure part in Conel, General Santos City. Specifically, the study aims to: 1. Determine the profile of the key players in the airsoft adventure park industry 2. Determine the viability and profitability of establishing an airsoft adventure park in Conel, General Santos City considering the following aspects: 3.1.1 Management operation 3.1.2 Technical 3.1.3 Financial

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