Feasibility Report On Ipo's, And The Process Of Buying An Ipo

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I compile, through various mediums, information regarding initial public offerings, or IPO’s. The report includes areas such as defining an IPO, the performance of IPO’s, the current market for IPO’s, and the process of buying an IPO. Therefore, the feasibility report is directed at the retail or non-professional investor who may be engaged in purchasing IPO’s. I look to determine if the underlying facts create certainty that these instruments are profitable currently and in the long run. It appears through study that investors have increased their consumption of initial public offerings since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Many investors believe purchasing IPO’s can create quick realized gains. However, it appears that the performance of these issues has lagged the broader market, which in my opinion should steal zeal from these risky investments. The figures throughout this report should indicate and reaffirm that not all IPOs, whether popular or unpopular, will benefit the professional or non-professional investor. It must be noted that not everything is the same in financial markets and results may vary significantly from this report in a single incident or sample study. INTRO Over time, financial markets have become more complex and possibly more confusing for the average or retail investor. It appears through recent observation that non-professional investors do not understand the process, importance of, and potential harm that IPO’s may cause to a portfolio in the

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