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Marie Breban Rémi Mouhadjer Emilie Dangibeaud Alexiane Salimon Marine Weber EXECUTIVE SUMMARY We wanted to remedy to the expensive fees paid by IESEG students for their textbooks, so we conducted a survey to know whether they would be interested in a secondhand shop for their books. According to the results, the sample seems enthusiast about this project. INTRODUCTION When we started studying at IESEG, we were all surprised by the prices of the books. Indeed, we all had to pay about €300 for the textbooks of the first year. Throughout the year, we realized that textbooks were not useful for everyone and that we do not know what we are going to do with them at the end of…show more content…
Thus, we might get all the market shares. The third graph shows the amount paid by students for their books: * Some students paid very high fees for their books * they would be even more willing to participate to the project to save money This bar chart indexes the satisfaction of student concerning the price of the textbooks they paid. The higher the rate index is (5), the higher is the satisfaction. * Most of the students (66%) were poorly satisfied by the price (index 1 or 2) * Only 34% were satisfied with the price they paid Also, the majority of people (53.4%) declared their textbooks were not damaged. This graph shows: * Most people would be ready to buy or sell their textbooks at a price included between 25 and 75€, * It would enable buyers and sellers to save at least 50% on the purchasing price. We also found that: * People would find it more practical to have the sales taking place directly in IESEG buildings * We would only need a place to store the books at IESEG The only costs will deal with marketing as we don’t have to pay the books given. We will sell them at least 20% less than the original price, and it can be even cheaper depending on their shapes. Besides, potential sellers have declared being ready to let 10% of the selling price to our association, in order to cover the internal fees. This last pie chart sheds light on the fact that 96.55% of

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