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Abstract      The purpose of this report is to determine whether it would be feasible for the Style Shop to add a computerized register to the store. The Merchandising Society is the largest club on F.I.T.’s campus. It provides the opportunity for its members to enhance their college experience at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Its members are dedicated to gaining exposure to the fashion industry first-hand through running a business, visiting companies worldwide, and volunteering services to the community. The club is responsible for operating a successful on-campus boutique, the Style Shop. The store offers the unique opportunity for FIT students, faculty and alumni to sell their original creations on a…show more content…
The finance team would have to learn how to print sales reports and track inventory. Security would also have to be increased in the store. Finally, a printer would have to be purchased to work with the computer. Cost Computer      To purchase a computer for the Style Shop money will be taken from our budget. We started the year with an $8000.00 budget and currently have around $2000.00 left. Tentative Available Money            $7,400.00      Total as of 4/17/02 4,960.00      After Designer Payments 3,960.00      After Jenna paid back 3,710.00      After Nail files 3,510.00      After Trunk Show event 2,510.00      After Murder Mystery Dinner 2,010.00      After Payment for Website The Style Shop is looking to purchase a computer from Dell because of their excellent customer service and great overall value. For a small business the Dell Dimension 8200 Series is perfect. This computer comes fully loaded for $1677.00. After purchasing the computer there will be $500.00 left in the store’s budget. This money will be used to purchase a point of sale program. Register Program      In order to monitor sales and inventory the store will be purchasing Winward Software

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